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Merry Danny

We chose this company for our solar system installation.. The whole procedure was painless and hassle free. We expected hard-sell sale pitch, but with this company we didn’t experience that. The solar panels installation was very fast. We are now getting the output that we expected, depending on the construction quotes, and are very happy with the solar system.

James X.

We met with their sales representative, to compare between the solar companies and also learn about the diverse kinds of solar systems. HE was very informative, professional and punctual. I'm glad that we chose to meet with this company because I feel very confident that we really made the right choice in choosing this company. From the start to end, the communication was great. Highly recommended.  

Leesa eves

Since our neighbourhood was going solar thus we also decided to meet this solar company and find out if numbers worked for us. They were very informative. I would recommend discussing with them before you go solar as they can offer you with the best available options!

Jennifer Taylor

Our solar purchase with this company was wonderful from start to end.  The Consultant was beyond courteous, knowledgeable and professional.  I highly recommend hiring them for your specific solar needs as you won’t be disappointed.

Jim George

I called to take an appointment with this company and the individual on phone was professional, courteous, and set us up with their consultant on my fastest convenience. My rep was straight forward and highly professional. I will recommend this company to anyone highly needing solar for home.

Perry Jason

This company is amazing! They were incredibly flexible and helpful, and were capable to navigate through the permits with ease. We will choose them definitely if we ever require more solar work, and recommend them whole heartedly to family and friends.

David Hamilton

The whole process from their technician showing up at our home, until job was done was exceptional! This crew goes beyond to make sure that the client is totally happy! Great job done and I could not be more pleased!

Lowell Kim

This company is an excellent option for your solar system installation. They utilize the finest equipment and the systems are low profile. There is no other company in the area who could beat them. I recommend them. You will not regret your choice to go with this company.

Martin Wilson

Great Overall Experience with this company. Our Solar Consultant had great expertise, willingness to remain involved, and our project was highly appreciated. The entire crew went an extra mile to make all of it happen. I recommend this company strongly.

Ron Stewart

I decided to go hire this company after reading all their reviews.My sales consultant was honest and knowledgeable. Communication was not an issue ever with them. Inspection passed and just waiting for our permission to operate now from SDGE, soon. I am highly satisfied with our experience.