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We install commercial solar systems.  To date, our company has installed thousands of commercial solar panels projects.  Most of these have been situated on flat rubber roof, or have been simply mounted on the grounds.  These projects often need extensive understanding of 3 phase electrical infrastructure.  Been worked with many utilities in the area for commercially sized project in the past, we are the perfect partner for your own next commercial solar project!  We know the work and detailed attention needed to design, install, as well as maintain a solar project.  We’ve three phase inverters at our showroom, therefore schedule an appointment right away to plan your own commercial PV project!
Our Installation Process
You understand or might have heard about benefits of generating electricity from a limitless source such as increase in property worth, no or lower electric utility bill, and positive environmental impacts. You also know or have heard there has not been more of financing options available in line with local, state and federal incentives than now.
Still one questions stays: How do I begin the procedure of getting solar energy for my business? If you’re prepared to get started immediately, you can either contact our consultant, or can schedule free site evaluation. Else, continue reading below.


Advanced solar technologies including solar electric, solar water heating and battery storage for maximum savings.

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We will provide a free customized payback schedule to show you how much money you will save.

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1 – “Is solar perfect for me?” The Checklist Do you have a business? Do you live in an area having advantageous solar power financial incentives? Do you’ve a very well maintained roof? In case the answers to all questions above are yes, you are then a good candidate for solar electric systems. At this time you should fill out our site evaluation form and then we’ll be in touch with you to quickly schedule an appointment
2: Site Assessment We will come at your business place quickly to conduct a complete assessment We’ll ask you for your one year electrical bills Then we will perform a shading and roof analysis The electrical system will then be checked and assessed for interconnection problems
3: Financial Analysis All available financial incentives and rebates will be calculated The environmental positive impacts will be offered Utility Savings Analysis, Returns on Investment, Cost/KWh put together
4: Deposit In case you choose to proceed, we will then take a deposit In case financing is needed, you will talk to our financial representative
5: Engineering and Designing Panel components, system’s design, and blue print Electrical wiring diagram Structural and Wind Evaluation
6: Rebates Processing/Permit Federal, Local, and State Incentives filing Utility company interconnection agreement Applications for the net-metering’ Building and electrical permits
7: Installations Mounting systems tends to be laid out Electric wiring and components mounting Meters installed Connect Panels Oversee inspection from local utility & building department
8: Maintenance Monthly check to ensure performance objectives are being reached Making sure that customer satisfaction levels are met and also exceeded
So, now you are familiar with the whole installation process, so give us a call right away and we will schedule a quick appointment.